“A Day’s Wait” (1936) is a brief story by Ernest Hemingway that conveys the seemingly tragic outcome of miscommunication between a boy and his father.

Schatz is a nine-year-old boy who becomes sick a winter night. After a doctor is called, it is determined that Schatz has contracted the flu and has a high fever. It is considered only a mild case, and the doctor leaves medicine for the boy, who overhears the physicianErnest Hemingway tell the father that the boy’s temperature is 102 degrees. It is this information that causes the perceived conflict and misunderstanding between the boy and his father.

The boy is French and have Celcius and not Fahrenheit. So when the doctor says 102 degrees he thinks that he has a fever that is 102 degrees Celcius. The boy is very scared and is only waiting for his death. After a day he talks to the doctor and he explained what Fahrenheit is. This story tries to tell you that it’s better to open your self up than it is to face the pain alone.


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