Task 1

We chose the picture of Leonardo Dicaprio who holds a speech about climate changes at the Fn. Leonardo Dicaprio is a well-known actor and is the spokesperson for the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation which raises awareness of climate changes. The Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation is a campaign is dedicated to the long-term health and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants. Their mission is to restore balance to the threaten ecosystems, species, and communities and to increase ambition to tackle the crisis of climate change. The campaign contributes to the society by raising awareness of this issues and promoting the best climate solutions. The society obviously needs to take action of the climate changes before the consequences will be too great to handle, such as destroying our planet.

Picture three is about volunteering for example working in an American soup kitchen. If you work in an American soup kitchen for free, you help out the other citizens that don’t have a house or anything to eat. When you are working for free you also help the state by saving them money. Is a lot of other ways to job as a volunteer, but as long as you work for free you help out the society moneywise. So when you work as a volunteer you not also help the state you also help the poor people if you work in an organization that supports it. This is a way to be a good citizen.  




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