What I think was most interesting about the movie, was that this was based on a real story. Some small funny things like that Oscar really did go to sleep afteSpare-Partsr being smuggled across the border and woke up hungry, only to find that his cousins had eaten his burger, actually was true.

In the movie, we see that “Stinky” is the cheap robot at only 720$, the other robots cost like 6000$+. All the robots used high tech items and everything was expensive. However, the robot Stinky used PVC pipes, a used camera, cheap electronics, and even pool noodles to make the robot float. So you don’t need the highest tech and the most expensive robot to win. You only need to think smart.

Robots can be useful in a situation where humans are too big or to slow. Robots are getting more and more normal in our lives. For example, In China the doctors were operating on a guy that was in a coma, they where sure the patient wouldn’t survive, they tried everything and they could not figure it out. In the end, they tried their last option and that was an AI (artificial intelligence). After a few days, the patient was alive all thanks to the AI. This shows how important AI’s is in our lives. This is just the start of AI’s, in 30 years the AI is probably going to be much more efficient and can do things we can’t even think of.


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