Theme: Marcus is often alone and his mom is suicidal so, in my opinion, the theme in the book “About a Boy” is depression and loneliness.

Setting: The characters in the book live in England, London 1993, so the setting of the book is for the most in London.

Plot: 1998 About a Boy features two main characters: Will, a 36-year-old bachelor, and Marcus, a schoolboy described as ‘introverted’ by his suicidal mother, Fiona, despite his tendencies to bond and interact with people.

Will’s father wrote a famous Christmas song, which has afforded Will the ability to remain rich throughout his life. In his spear time, he drinks, using soft drugs and having sexual relations with women.

Marcus helps Will to be a better adult.

Character development:

  • Marcus – In the start of the novel he is getting bullied and he is often alone. In the end, he gets one friend.

“People quite often thought Marcus was being funny when he wasn’t”

(Chapter 1, pg. 7.)


  • Will – In the start, he only cares about himself. He was doing soft drugs and used to have many sexual relations with women. In the end, he was beginning to show more feelings and had more sympathy for others. This is because of Marcus involvement in his life.
  • Fiona – Fiona is for the most depressed and only focus on her self’s depression throughout the whole novel. In the end, she begins to care more about Marcus.


My impression: 

At the start of the book, everything was very confusing to me. I didn’t understand when the author was switching characters but when I got used to it I really loved the book. I am not the typical book person however, this was a very great book.



  • Why did you write this book about a lonely boy?
  • What is a significant theme in About a Boy in your opinion?About a Boy
  • Where did you come up with your idea to have a suicidal mother?
  • What would be the overall of the novel, about a boy?
  • In what ways can our parent’s shape our identity?




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